2017 Collection Planning Has Begun

Every May here at EMPIRE® we begin planning for our next collection.  As of last week we have official started work on the 2017 Collection!  During this process we not only research color and print trends for the upcoming year but we also take a long hard look at case function and areas that we can improve.  We have several very exciting additions and edits to existing products coming in the next few months.


Our first edit is going to be to our very popular wallet case the KLIX® KLUTCH.  For 2017 we will be updating the inner case in the KLIX® KLUTCH from the current hard poly carbonate case to a flexible TPU case.  The reason for this change is all of the feedback we have received showing that the current hard case does not allow users to remove their phone as freely and safely as they would like to.  The second addition to this same case is the addition of an ID pocket in front of the card slot pockets.  This addition will allow users to show their ID without having to fully remove it from the wallet case!


THE KLUTCH Concept Image
THE KLUTCH Concept Image


We are also going to be adding a new wallet product to our line up.  We have named the the product simply THE KLUTCH.  This case will be similar to the KLIX® KLUTCH in the sense that it will be a wallet cases that features a solid color outside with fun patterns on the inside.  Where THE KLUTCH will vary is in material and function.  This new case will feature a 100% Genuine Leather exterior and instead of a phone model specific case insert it will feature an inner pocket that can accommodate multiple phone models.  The inner pocket design will also allow you to utilize a Slim-fit case while using this clutch.  We are very excited about this product as it will allow more phone model owners to utilize EMPIRE® products.


Our MINX™ Hybrid case will also be getting an overhaul for 2017.  We are going to be completely changing the body style of the MINX™ making the case more sleek than ever before.  Along with all of these major case function changes we will be releasing all new colors and patterns for these product lines.  We have started collecting color and pattern data for 2017 and we are seeing a lot of fun new patterns and color palettes.  Colors are bold and bright with oranges and corals and patterns are more edgy than ever, featuring topical floral patterns and textures from the far east.  Our journey for the 2017 Collection has just begun but we will make sure to keep all of you updated and excited for your new EMPIRE® case!







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