5 Things You Don’t Know About GRUVE

IP6GRUVEThe GRUVE Series was one of the first EMPIRE Cases designed. It has a cool back story along with some fun features we wanted to share.


 1. Cleans with Soap and Water

Some cases, depending on their material, absorb make up, dirt and oils which make them impossible to clean. When designing this phone case series we wanted to make sure that we could clean easily. With a little mild soap and water, this case will look like new. Just remember to take your phone out of the case before cleaning.


2. Made from Steering Wheel Material

Yes, that’s right! The same rubber material on your steering wheel is the exact same material protecting your smart phone. We found that the material was light in weight yet durable and shock resistant which was exactly what we were looking for in this series of phone cases.


3. Name Inspired by an Accident at a Company Party

Parties, music and fun are very much a part of our company culture. A few years ago (before the launch of the EMPIRE brand), during the holiday season, we were having a pot luck and some of the employees started having a dance contest. Needless to say things got a little intense and before we knew it an employee had pop locked and dropped his phone on the hard cement floor where it shattered (which happens when your phone has no case). During the design phase of this series, we kept joking that this case would gruve with this employee, and the name stuck.


4. 12 Color Options Inspired by Birth Month Colors

There are 12 original colors for the GRUVE series. The idea behind this variation was that we wanted to give people more options than they’re used to. We looked at birth flowers and birth stones as well as popular colors of the season to come up with the 12 case color options.



5. Designed to Pair with Tempered Glass

One of the last features we wanted to make sure to include with this case series was that it wouldn’t obstruct from the application of our MPERO Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. The cut around the phone screen was designed to fit around the screen precisely while leaving enough room for the screen protector.


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