De-clutter Your Purse | De-clutter Your Mind?

Can your phone case help you live a leaner more focused life?


Here at EMPIRE® we happen to think the answer is yes. You have to stop and ask yourself do you really need 7 credit cards, a checkbook, 3 pens, 15 club cards, 2 paper clips, and a mint from last week’s dinner with you are all times?  Purse clutter is not only hard on your back literally, but it takes a toll on your daily mental capacity as well.  Think of all the time spent just trying to find your keys.  You have so many more important thins to focus on.

I an article on John Davis a contributor for Fast Company is quoted saying “The reason [clutter hurts productivity] has to do with your brain’s attention systems, which aren’t designed strictly to keep you focused.  They’re designed to help you pick up on what’s changing, threatening, novel, and so on.  In other words, they help make sure we don’t miss what’s important in the environment”.  Is it possible the your purse clutter is pulling your attention away from something else in your environment that deserves more attention?  Well, it can’t hurt to find out.  So go ahead and de-clutter your purse with the help of  KLIX® KLUTCH and see what your mind is freed up to do!

Wishing you a focused and mindful day!



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