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EMPIRE® Rewards

Revised January 22, 2016

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, members of EMPIRE® Rewards will earn points in connection with the purchase of qualifying products Online that are redeemable towards the purchase of certain products.


1. Free Membership.

No purchase is necessary to obtain membership in the EMPIRE® Rewards program ("EMPIRE® Rewards" or the "Program").

2. Eligibility.

You must be age 13 years or older and a resident of the United States to be eligible for membership. Membership in the Program is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual. Persons under the age of 18 ("Minors") must obtain their parents' or legal guardians' consent prior to participation. By submitting an application for EMPIRE® Rewards, you agree (or, if you are a Minor, your parent or legal guardian agrees) to be bound by these terms and conditions. To enroll in the Program, you must provide your first name, last name, mailing address, and phone number. The Program is void where prohibited by law. A person may not be a member of more than one EMPIRE® customer rewards Program. Members are entitled to only one Member Account.

3. Create an Account.

Apply to become a member of the Program by visiting (the "Website" or "Online"). You will get started with you simple sign up and gain immediate access to our loyalty program.

Please note, you cannot claim points for past purchase, prior to your account creation.

4. Access/Change Member Information.

Members must keep their personal information on their Account up-to-date by visiting the Website. Registered users of the Website must provide their email and password when logging on the Website, which will allow the Member to update their personal profile. In order to be a Member of the Program you must be a registered user of the Website. You may become a registered user of the Website by clicking the "Create Account" link in the header of the homepage, then click "New Customer" or "Sign in with Facebook" and proceeding through the associated registration screens. Once you are a registered user of the Website, the "Create Account" link will allow maintenance of both site registration and Program associated information. The information you provide as a member of the Program will be handled according to EMPIRE®'S privacy policy. To learn more about the EMPIRE® privacy policy, please visit or contact Customer Services at 951-687-1140 (Option 1).

5. Online Account Maintenance.

Once you are a registered user of the Website, you may view a summary of your Account on the Website. After logging onto the Website, simply click on the "Sign In" link in the header of the Website and change any information on your account. You may also view your EMPIRE® Rewards points balance, transaction history and eligibility for bonus offers on the Website by logging in and clicking the "My Points" tab.

6. Member Cancellation.

You may cancel your EMPIRE® Rewards membership at any time. Upon cancellation, any unused points accrued in your account will be forfeited and cannot be redeemed.



Members can earn EMPIRE® Rewards points on the purchase of qualifying products only Online. For all Online purchases, you must be a registered user of the Website and logged in to your Online account to get credit for Online purchases. In store purchases do not accumulate EMPIRE® Reward points.

Earning Rate.

Members earn one (1) point for every one dollar ($1) spent when they purchase qualifying products Online if the Member is logged into the Website and has linked his or her Account number with his or her Online account. Points are rounded up. For example, if you spend $19.99, you will receive 20 points. Calculation is as follows: $19.99 x 1 point per dollar = 19.99 points, which is rounded up to 20 points.

Birthday Gift.

In addition to earning points on their qualifying product purchases made Online, all Members receive 25 bonus points on their birthday each year. Members with a valid email and their birthday entered in their Account profile will automatically receive the bonus points to their account; No coupon code is required. Members can redeem once they have accumulated 50 total points.

Addition of Points to Accounts.

Points will be added to your Account immediately at the time of online purchase of qualifying products. For all online purchases, the amount of points in your Account, including points earned on your recent purchase, will be reflected on your personal profile after a transaction, unless there is a system unavailability or other technical difficulty that limits the ability to reflect points on your profile. The timing for issuing points is subject to change.


Members earn EMPIRE® Rewards points only on the purchase price of qualifying products Online if they are logged onto the Website and have linked their Account number with their Online account. Calculation of EMPIRE® Rewards points excludes payment by the Member for in-store purchases, shipping charges and all taxes, including without limitation, federal, state, and local taxes or use taxes. EMPIRE® Rewards points will not be earned on any discounts or other credits offered in connection with a product. For example, if a product that is normally $100 is on sale for $75, a Member will only earn points on the purchase price of $75. Redemption of merchandise vouchers, and any type of price adjustments, including merchandise returns, are not eligible for points. All purchases made: (i) by a Member prior to such member joining the Program, (ii) In-store, or (iii) Online without a Member being logged onto the Website with the Member's Account number linked to the Member's Online account, are not eligible for Program credit.


Points earned for a purchase that is then the subject of a return, refund, returned check due to non-sufficient funds, or other credit will be deducted from the Member's account in an amount equal to the points earned for the original transaction, including bonus points.

Bonus Point Promotions.

From time to time, EMPIRE® may run certain bonus point promotions. Under bonus point promotions, Members can earn additional or "bonus points" in connection with the purchase of certain products or in connection with shopping days where a Member earns a set amount of bonus points for shopping Online that day. When these products are purchased by a Member, the Member will earn bonus points on each product, as specified in the offer. Bonus point promotions are subject to the terms and conditions of the offer and may be offered at any time in EMPIRE®'S sole discretion. Bonus point offers cannot be combined with any other offer. If a Member purchases a product during a bonus point promotion and the product comes with an additional, free product, bonus points will not be issued on the retail value of the free product. If a Member redeems points towards the purchase of a bonus point product in an amount equal to the full price of the bonus point product, the Member will not earn any bonus points. You may also earn additional points on non-purchase activities in accordance with the terms published by EMPIRE®. You may also earn additional points on certain purchases from eligible third parties in accordance with the terms published by EMPIRE®. From time to time, EMPIRE® may offer you the chance to win various prizes, including points. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PLAY OR TO WIN. Rules and restrictions will apply to such promotions.



Points earned by a Member may be redeemed for products Online ONLY.

Points towards Products: Members will automatically receive 20% off their next purchase when they reach 50 points. Once the discount has been applied, 50 points will be removed from the member's account.

Redemption of points Online towards purchases of products is subject to product availability.


Members may redeem their points on any products available Online. To redeem points towards a purchase Online, a Member must be a registered user of the Website. Points can be redeemed once a member has accumulated 50 points, by logging into "Sign In" and selecting their favorite EMPIRE® products. A discount will be applied to the purchase automatically. Points must be redeemed on the purchase price of qualifying products only and cannot be used towards the payment of sales tax or shipping and handling charges.


Points accumulated on different Accounts of other Members may not be combined or aggregated to make purchases of products or for any other reason. Points earned in a transaction cannot be redeemed in the same transaction.

Points Expiration.

Points do not expire. If membership is cancelled, any unused points will be forfeited and cannot be redeemed.


By joining the EMPIRE® Rewards Program, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in these Program rules. EMPIRE® reserves the right to cancel, modify, or restrict EMPIRE® Rewards or any aspect of the Program, including, without limitation, the point conversion ratio and the point expiration policy at any time. Any changes can be made without advance notice. EMPIRE® may make these changes even though such changes may affect the Member's ability to use points already accumulated. You are responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the Program Terms and Conditions. A Member's points balance, as reflected in EMPIRE®'S records, shall be deemed correct. EMPIRE® reserves the right to determine the amount of points in any Member's account based on EMPIRE®'S internal records related to such Member's account. In the event of an inconsistency between the amount accrued in a Member's account as stated on any Member's receipt and EMPIRE®'S internal records, EMPIRE®'S internal records will control. EMPIRE® assumes no responsibility for errors caused by incorrect Member information. Your right to transfer points earned or granted under the Program is strictly limited. The sale of points is prohibited and may result in the confiscation or cancellation of your points as well as suspension or termination of your membership, which in each case shall be final and conclusive. EMPIRE® may revoke any Member's membership in EMPIRE® Rewards at any time if such Member engages in abuse of the Program or fails to follow the terms and conditions of the Program. Fraud or abuse relating to the accrual of points or redemption of rewards may result in revocation of membership in the Program and may affect a Member's eligibility for participation in any other EMPIRE® program. EMPIRE® Rewards points are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. The interpretation and application of the Program's Terms and Conditions are at the sole discretion and determination of EMPIRE®.

For information regarding the EMPIRE® Rewards Program or other questions, click on CONTACT US or call EMPIRE® Customer Services at 951-687-1140 (Option 1).